Brief Introduction of Kunming University
2016/9/8 14:17:04

Kunming University, established in May 2004, is a comprehensive full-time University approved by Ministry of Education of China. It is formed by merging the former Kunming Teacher’s College, former Kunming University and some other schools in Kunming.  Presently, the university is the only one of offering the most complete array of disciplines in Yunnan Province. The university was successfully passed the undergraduate teaching assessment panel of Ministry of Education in 2012. 
The university (main campus) is located in No. 2, Puxin Road, Economic & Technological Development Zone, Kunming, a famous cultural city with picturesque scenery and pleasant mild weather all the year round. With the total area of 2,366 Chinese mu,the main campus is 1,817 Chinese mu (1.2 square kilometers). In addition, over 500 Chinese mu outside the main campus is used as students’ internship  and practical training bases. The total value of the university’s fixed assets is over 2.0 billion RMB. 
With the beautiful environment,complete function and modern equipment, the university has 21 schools and departments. They are School of Economics, School of Social Administration, School of Pre-school & Special Education, School of Physical Education, School of Humanities, School of Foreign Languages, School of Music, School of Fine Art & Design, School of Information Technology, School of Automation & Mechanical Engineering, School of Urban & Rural Construction & Engineering Management, School of Agriculture, School of Medicine, School of Tourism, School of Teacher Education, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physical Science & Technology, Department of Chemistry &Technology, Department of Life Sciences & Technology, School of Marxism and School of Continuing Education. The total number of staff and faculty members is about 1700, of which 1100 full-time teachers. The University has an enrollment of over 18,000 from over 25 provinces of China at present.
Kunming University runs 51 specialties under 4-year programs and 18 specialties under 3-year programs, which covers 11 disciplines, including Economics, Science of Law, Pedagogy, Literature, History, Natural Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medical Science, Management, and Arts. In order to meet the needs of the new emerging industry and modern service industry, such as photoelectron, rail transit, internet of things, biotechnology, urban agriculture, tourism & catering, etc., the university has set up some new majors, such as Rail Transit engineering, Internet of Things Engineering, Water Resources & Hydropower Engineering, Special Education, Culinary & Nutrition Education, Chemical Engineering & Technology, Nursing, etc. Of all the new majors, the successful establishment of Culinary & Nutrition Education makes the university unique in offering such undergraduate program in western China. 
The university has the following undergraduate Programs for Four Years: International Economy & Trade,

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