For the First Time, Kunming University Sends Students on a

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Based on the agreement between Kunming University and Dhonburi Rajabhat University signed in April of this year, with approval and support from university leadership, the short-term study exchange program to Thailand, organized through the International Exchange and Cooperation Department, was successfully completed from July 23rd to August 22nd. The program was open to all Kunming university students and faculty and sixteen students and faculty from five colleges and departments (Arts and Design, Physical Education, Humanities, Biology and Technology, and Teacher Training) participated this year.


  Before their departure, the cohort was provided with pre-travel training by Vice-President Li Xiang and staff from the International Exchange and Cooperation Department. Topics of the training included conduct abroad and safety issues. Based on the program's outline, the study goals and responsibilities were also emphasized. Students were asked to clearly define and anticipate their personal study goals and create a study plan for themselves.


  July 23: the cohort of sixteen students and faculty departed on schedule and had a smooth arrival at Bangkok International Airport.


  July 24: Dhonburi Rajabhat University's President Lakana along with: Director Natt, responsible for this program and head of the Foreign Affairs Department, Lei Lei, Head of Thai as a Foreign Language Research Office, as well as Jilapa Malai and other faculty came to give a warm welcome to the cohort. Both groups presented the other with gifts and began discussing the details of arrangements for the cohorts' studies, living and safety.


  July 25 – August 21: the cohort completed their four-week program of study, including; Thai Language, Thai History and Culture, Thai Etiquette, Thai Food, Thai-Style Flower Art, Thai-Style Fruit Sculpting, Thai Dancing, and many other subjects. They successfully earned a four-week certificate of achievement from Dhonburi Rajabhat University. In addition to their formal studies the cohort members also interacted with Dhonburi Rajabhat University students and faculty and held badminton and ping-pong tournaments. Through one short month of interaction, they put down deep roots of friendship.


  August 12: Vice-President Li along with the university's Party Organizing Secretary Yang Lu, and the International Exchange and Cooperation Department's Deputy Director Chen Jing made a special trip to visit the cohort in Thailand. While there they gained an in-depth knowledge of the cohort's study program and living situation as well as the cohort's experiences to that point.


  August 21: at the graduation ceremony, the Kunming University cohort performed for the Dhonburi Rajabhat University audience, including performances of: Thai-style dancing, traditional Thai fan dancing, Thai language choral singing, Chinese antiphonal singing “Prelude to the Melody of Water”, a Chinese solo “The Moon Represents My Heart”, and traditional Chinese dance “Dreams of Red Mansions”, all of which earned the praise of the audience.



  August 22: the cohort of sixteen arrived safely back in Kunming. Their journey increased Sino-Thai cultural exchange for students in both countries, and improved cross-cultural understanding of each country's history, culture and language. The Kunming University cohort broadened their horizons, improved their intercultural interactive ability and all expressed how much they had gained through the experience.