Kunming University Signs a Cooperative Agreement

Date:2012-04-17     Source:     Author:wsb     Typeface:Big Middle Small

    On April 6, 2012, Mr. Sun Lei, Chairman of the Chinese Culture and Friendship Propaganda Co. LLC., Thailand visited Kunming University. Amiable talks were conducted regarding the Thai-internship program and a formal cooperative agreement was signed.
Vice-President Li Xiang was participated in the meeting, along with: Bao Xing, Director of the Enrollment and Employment Department, Lin Defu, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages, Tang Min, Dean of the College of Teacher Education, Wu Yanqin, Vice-Dean of the College of Humanities, as well as staff from the International Exchange and Cooperation Department.
Vice-President Li began by welcoming Chairman Sun Lei on behalf of the university administration and went  on to introduce the basic situation of Kunming University including its developmental goals for future exchange and cooperation. Both sides then entered into talks on cooperative projects. Vice-President Li expressed how the development by both parties of the Thai-internship program is directly linked to students' personal interests, and has great significance in relation to the university's goal of developing human resources suitable for the international marketplace.
Chairman Sun Lei introduced the recent history of the Chinese Culture and Friendship Propagation Co. LLC.'s cooperative programs in China related to importing and exporting human resources. At the same time, Mr. Sun Lei gave his full affirmation to the performance of the Kunming University students currently in the Thai-internship program. Mr. Sun Lei welcomed even more students from a wider variety of majors and departments to participate in the Thai-internship program. Finally, Mr. Sun Lei expressed his willingness to serve as a go-between to develop cooperative programs between Kunming University and Silpakorn University.
Vice-President Li presented the Thai visitors with a memento on behalf of the university administration.
Following the meeting, Mr. Sun Lei and his staff conducted interviews with the students preparing to depart for their Thai-internships at the end of May. They also conducted the first training for these students and plan to conduct a series of further trainings related to education and life in Thailand.