Kunming University and the Lentiz Education Group

Date:2012-03-31     Source:     Author:wsb     Typeface:Big Middle Small

On the morning of March 23, 2012, Kunming University and Holland’s Lentiz Education Group co-established a BTEC Educational Training Center and held an opening ceremony at the College of Agriculture Building. Vice-President Li Xiang, Vice-President Luo Mingdong, Publicity Department Head Zhang Lixin, Academic Affairs Department Head Hao Xuxia, Enrollment and Employment Department Head Bao Xing, College of Agriculture Party Secretary Wang Debin, Dean Huang Heping, Vice-Dean Yin Lixin, and other staff members from the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation, the College of Agriculture, as well as some faculty and students were in attendance. The ceremony was hosted by the Dean of the College of Agriculture, Mr. Huang Heping.

During the ceremony, Vice-President Li presented an address on behalf of the university. He reaffirmed the academic and professional advantages and specialties of the College of Agriculture, which were seen throughout the process of developing the cooperation with Holland. He emphasized how the establishment of the BTEC Educational Training Center would raise the technical level of the faculty and students of Kunming University, and improve and strengthen the University’s influence in the agricultural sector. The Center would also play a proactive role in pushing forward Kunming University’s ongoing globalization as well as helping to improve its reputation internationally.

    Holland College and the Lentiz Educational Group Project Head Dr. Fan Tang also presented an address. He expressed his satisfaction with the many years of cooperation between Kunming University and Lentiz, and stated that he is full of faith in the future development of the two schools through the establishment of the BTEC Educational Training Center. At the same time, on behalf of Lentiz, he welcomed Kunming University’s students to go to Holland for exchange, training, and study of technical skills.

Vice-President Luo, representing Kunming University, and Dr. Fan Tangjin, representing Holland College, unveiled the sign together, completing the ceremony to establish the training center.