The International Exchange Department Invites a Foreign Expert to

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In order to strengthen the international exchange and cooperation of Kunming University, and enrich the the lives of the students, the International Exchange Department invited Ms. Jeanette Marshall, a chemistry instructor at West Virginia University, to visit the Chemistry Department. On the afternoon of April 1, 2011, after she had seen the campus and the Chemistry Department, Ms. Marshall gave a lecture to the chemistry students, who gave her an enthusiastic response.

Ms. Xie Yanqin of the International Exchange Department led Ms. Marshall on a tour of the campus, and introduced the university and its development to her. Ms. Marshall gained a general understanding of Kunming University's situation and was deeply attracted by the beauty of the campus environment.

This activity received the support of Vice-President Luo Mingdong as well as the  Chemistry Department leadership. The Chemistry Department's student organizers arranged for more than 60 students to listen to Ms. Marshall's lecture in Bo Shi Building, Room 5403. Ms. Marshall was enthusiastic and warm and gave a multimedia presentation which provided a relatively systematic explanation of America's chemistry content, pedagogy, and style. In addition, she also touched on other American classes and their recent developments.

Of special interest was her brief introduction to the current development of Chinese language teaching in West Virginia. All of this not only allowed students to learn about the academic situation of West Virginia, but also the way that Chinese culture and language is being welcomed by more and more American students. Her lecture opened a new window on the world for the students. After the lecture, the students used Chinese and English to raise questions of interest, and enjoyed a lively and warm discussion with Ms. Marshall. The atmosphere was quite active, and left Ms. Marshall deeply impressed. All of the students expressed their enthusiasm about the lecture, and described how it broadened their horizons and gave them much to take with them.

The International Exchange Department will continue to strengthen communication with each college and department in order to organize similar activities. These kinds of activities will both strengthen students' comprehensive English abilities and enable them to understand English-only education; all of which will create a greater sense of an international education atmosphere for Kunming University.