An Introduction to Kunming University

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Kunming University was established in 2004 after approval from the National Ministry of Education. Kunming University is a merger of two former three year colleges Kunming Teacher’s College and Kunming University. Kunming University is now a comprehensive four year university with a wide array of majors. 

Kunming University is located in Kunming, the beautiful capital city of Yunnan province known as the “Spring City.” (# 2 Pu Xin Road, Economic and Development District, Kunming) The total area of the campus is 1800 Chinese Mu (120 hectares / 300 acres), with the buildings providing 600,000 square meters of floor space. 400 Chinese Mu (26.6 hectares / 66 acres) outside of the main campus is used as a practice base for students. The university has fixed assets of 1.8 billion RMB of which 100 million RMB is comprised of teaching and science research facilities. The library on the main campus contains 1.7 million books.

The followings are nineteen schools and departments of Kunming University.

  School of Economics

  School of Tourism

  School of Social Administration

  School of Teacher Education

  School of Humanities

  School of Automationand Mechanical Engineering

  School of Information Technology

  School of Urban and Rural Construction & Engineering  Management

  School of Foreign Languages

  School of Music

  School of Physical Education

  School of Fine Art and Design

  School of Agriculture

  School of Medicine

  Department of Mathematics

  Department of Physics & Applied Technology

  Department of Chemistry and Applied Technology

  Department of Life Sciences and Applied Technology

  Department of Teaching & Research of Political Science,

There are 29 four year undergraduate programs and 26 three year associate degree programs which cover the disciplines of economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, etc.

Kunming University has 14,000 regular students from over twenty Chinese provinces. Kunming University attaches great importance to cultivating talent in its students. There is also a focus on “Quality Teaching, Continuing Reform, and Implementing Quality Education” in all areas. These efforts are made to improve the academic level of the university.

“Firm Faith, Good Moral Character, Rich in Knowledge and Competence” are the requirements for our students. With these requirements as our objective, students will be more equipped in contributing themselves to the development of China’s economy after finishing their study.

We are now carrying out 55 provincial level projects for improving teaching quality. In this regard, Kunming University is on the top list of universities in Yunnan province, in addition to this Kunming University has won national and provincial awards for her excellent work in maintaining high student employment rates and in educating students in life skills. Kunming University is becoming a cradle for providing fresh talent for the development of Yunnan province and Kunming city.

In order to improve our academic level, we keep introducing highly qualified faculty members to the university. The total number of staff and faculty members is 1760, among whom 1100 are faculty members. Of the faculty members 37.9% of them have earned doctoral or masters degrees. 40.6% of the faculty members are professors or associate professors. There are two provincial level teaching teams and two “Star Teacher Offices”. There are six professors who are star teachers at the provincial level. There is also a group of professors who lead the way in developing the university.

Kunming University adheres to the idea that scientific research is the way to make a better university. Advanced and applied scientific research are the university’s key projects, general research and applied technology research are being carried out as well. Six research projects got financial aid from the National Social Science Fundthe other five projects were sponsored by the National Natural Science Fund. More than 90 academic papers were collected by SCI (Science Citation Index)EI (The Engineering Index)and the ISTP (Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings), more than 600 papers were published in key national academic journals.

Kunming University’s Journal of Kunming University and Tourism Research got awards at the national and provincial level for excellence in their field.

“Rooted in Kunming, Researching Kunming, and Doing Service for Kunming” are our objectives and duty. In order to do these well, some new subjects and courses were designed in order to meet the practical needs of Kunming’s society and economic development, especially for local enterprises. Four institutes were established to meet the demands of a developing Kunming:

Institute of Kunming Scientific Development,

Center of Dianchi Lake Protection Cooperation & Research,

Dianchi & Pan-Asian Cooperative Strategy Research Institute,

Center of Internet of Things and Pan-Asian Engineering of Kunming.

“Kunming Development Advanced Forum” and other similar academic activities are regularly held. Cooperation with the government, the business community, and other universities is developing well. Kunming University is becoming more and more well known in China.

Kunming University is open to the world and is working hard to promote international cooperation & exchange. Some universities and schools from more than twenty countries, such as USA, UK, Japan, Thailand, Finland, Singapore, Malaysia, etc, visited Kunming University and some of them established relationships with us.               Kunming University has also established academic relationships with other Chinese universities or schools, such as Nanjing University.

Kunming University was honored with the “Model University” award by the provincial and municipal governments for her remarkable work in campus security and civilization education. 

Mr. Zhang Ya Ping, a famous biologist, academician of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and director of Kunming Institute of Zoology is the honorary president of Kunming University.

“Developing rapidly to leave backward ways behind and catch up with the developed countries” is our strategic plan. Kunming University is now taking the present opportunity to develop herself in every way, including teaching-quality improvement, science research, student education, learning from traditions and innovating, etc. We are confident we will build Kunming University into a first-class university in Yunnan province and a well-known university in China.