News Brief

Date:2012-03-15     Source:     Author:admin     Typeface:Big Middle Small

On the morning of May 26th, through the introduction of Mr. Li Qiang, Director of the Yunnan Reporting Office for the Chinese Economic Times, Mr. Kedi, Dean of the Graduate Studies Department of the Assumption University of Thailand (ABAC), arrived at Kunming University (KMU) for talks on exchange and cooperation.

    President Chen Shibo, Vice President Xiong Jing, as well as heads from the International Exchange Department and other related departments participated in these talks.

    President Chen Shibo began the meeting by welcoming Mr. Kedi to Kunming University and introduced the basic situation of KMU as well as its future development plans. Both sides had a profitable discussion concerning future cooperation, developing human resources, and the form that this might take. President Chen Shibo expressed his view that the future prospects for developing cooperation are great, hopefully developing faster, and ideally growing into a truly symbiotic relationship. Vice President Xiong Jing expressed the desire of KMU to cooperate with ABAC, especially in the areas of language training and 3+1 and 2+3 degree programs

    Mr. Kedi also introduced the current situation of ABAC and expressed what an honor it was to have the opportunity to meet at Kunming University as well as his belief that through the meeting both sides would be able to achieve greater levels of exchange, cooperation, and development.