Faculty and Students from the College of Foreign Languages Participate in Interactive Cultural Activ

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    On March 8, nineteen faculty and students from Norway, NLA University visited Kunming University and participated in interactive cultural activities.

    At 10 in the morning, Vice-President Li Xiang, Deputy-Director Mr. Ha Junhua and Mrs. Cai Lin from the International Exchange Department, as well as administration from the College of Foreign Languages and the Foreign Affairs Secretary, along with over 30 students, held a simple and brief welcome ceremony in the conference room (2503) of Bowen Building. Vice-President Li and the host from the College of Foreign Languages, Vice-Dean Mr. Lin Defu, both gave welcome speeches for the ceremony. At 10:30, the Norwegian students went to Boshi Building, Room 1402, to observe Ms. Zhao Junshu's English class, and experience what English teaching is like in China. After the class, the students were divided into groups, with those from the College of foreign languages leading the Norwegian students on a tour of the beautiful campus under the sunny March skies. In the afternoon, at 2:30, the Norwegian students and the College of Foreign Languages students met in Bowen Building, Conference Room 2503 for interactive cultural group games. The Norwegian students participated enthusiastically, enjoying Dai ethnic dancing and also learning to use chopsticks.


    In one short day's cultural exchange activities, the Norwegian students gained a real experience of Kunming University students' academic life, and increased the understanding and friendship between the two groups of students. The College of Foreign Languages students also improved in their inter-cultural interactive abilities through the exercises.