Kunming University Promotes its Thai-Internship Program

Date:2012-03-14     Source:     Author:     Typeface:Big Middle Small

This year Kunming University has greatly expanded the scope of and promotion for its Thai-Internship Program in order to further enhance the development of the university's international academic environment. The International Exchange Department and the Enrollment and Employment Department cooperated to present a promotion of this program to the students who will be graduating in 2012. 

    In the afternoon, in Room 3106 of Boya Bldg., Deputy-Director Ha Junhua and Xie Yanqin of the International Exchange Department, and Director Bao Xing and Song Renqi of the Enrollment and Employment Department, acting on behalf of Vice-President Li Xiang, presented a detailed introduction of the purpose, goals, and procedures involved in the internship program to interested students set to graduate in 2012. They also gave detailed answers to the students' questions. The students came from the: College of Teacher Education, College of Tourism, Sports College, College of Economics, and the College of Music. The students asked questions based on their personal situations, and all received satisfactory answers.

    The Thai-Internship Program is an important project for Kunming University in its plans to expand its international exchange and cooperation towards south and south-east Asia. The program also contributes greatly to the expansion and quality of graduates' career opportunities. This program will be an important, long-term cooperation between Kunming University and Thailand.