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 Even as we are applauding modernity, some melancholy tones reach our ears, how can we escape the difficulties which have accompanied civilization? The Dean of the Chinese Business School of Rangsit University and Panyapiwat Institute of Management presented a lecture to the College of Economics' students entitled “The Confusion of Civilization – Living a Full and Fulfilling Life”. The event was held in the lecture hall of the library.

  Facing global crises involving such things as the environment, food safety and many others related to issues of life, health, ethics, morality and other social problems, the speaker believes that only through taking an optimistic and proactive approach to life can anyone conquer the difficulties of life. He encouraged the students to: value friendship, keep a thankful heart, sow kindness and generosity, learn to bear up under and accept defeat without giving up, love their work, enjoy sports, etc., in these ways they will be able to live a full and fulfilling life.

  The speaker's humorous and engaging language earned the applause of those in attendance and allowed the reason and truth of his words to sink deep into their hearts in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. At the conclusion of his lecture the speaker addressed the students' questions, such as: how to view success in college; and, whether creating one's own business is better than working for someone else, etc.

  This lecture was part of Kunming University's lecture series entitled “A Platform for Study and Reflection”. It was held through a cooperative effort by the International Exchange Department and the College of Economics. Li Yuebo, the Party Secretary from the College of Economics, served as the lecture host, and He Lifang presented some closing remarks on behalf of the library director thanking the speaker for coming and for his excellent lecture and presenting him with a memento of the occasion.

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