Kunming University Sends Off the First Cohort of Intern Students to Thailand

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 This afternoon, the Enrollment & Employment Department and the International Exchange Department jointly organized a sending-off conference for: “The First Cohort of Kunming University Education Major Graduates Interning in Thailand.” Vice-President Li Xiang attended the meeting and presented some important points to the students.

    Vice-President Li gave the students sincere and earnest wishes and direction. “First, going to Thailand for this internship is like reading a book, you need to pay attention to it and ponder it. Secondly, you need to respect the laws and customs of Thailand. Thirdly, all of you have just graduated and are already embarking upon this journey abroad; you need to pay attention to your political security and your personal and financial security. Fourthly, you need to become fluent in using the Thai language for daily life as soon as possible, adjusting to life, study, and work in Thailand, immersing yourself in the new study and working environment. Fifthly, going abroad you not only represent China but also the spirit and style of Kunming University, make the school proud and set a good example for those interns who will follow you to Thailand in future years. Sixthly, 'There is no place like home -out and about you're sure to run into trouble.' You should remember the contact information for the Enrollment & Employment Department and the International Exchange Department; telephone numbers, QQ, etc., and often keep in touch. You should also remember the number for the Chinese Embassy in Thailand in case you need to call for help in an emergency.”

    Bao Xing, director of the Enrollment and Employment Department and Ha Junhua, deputy-director of the International Exchange Department introduced some of the background of this internship opportunity for sending education major graduates to Thailand. This endeavor has been carried out under the continuous support and leadership of the university administration and touches on the national strategic Bridgehead Policy, taking advantage of Kunming's geographic advantage in order to open up an international job market. This project constitutes a first attempt at supplying workers to South-East Asia. Throughout work on the project, strong support was given by: the College of Music, the College of Education and Teacher-Training, the College of Humanities, the College of Physical Education, etc. In the future, as the number of Kunming University's undergraduates increases, this internship project will develop rapidly.

    Finally, Vice-President Li, along with other leaders and faculty conducted personal talks with the students, wishing them the best success during their time in Thailand. Director Bao signed the: “Kunming University Student's Thai Internship Agreement” with the students. After the meeting, everyone took a group photo to remember the occasion and enjoyed a farewell dinner.

                    (Publicity Department: Shen Xinghong)