Concordia University Irvine's Dean of Asian Programs Visits Kunming University

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On November 10, 2011, Dr. Eugene P. Kim, Dean of Concordia University Irvine's Asian Programs, and Dr. Mike Gibson visited Kunming University and were hosted for talks by Vice-President Li Xiang on behalf of the school's administration.

    On the afternoon of November 10, the staff of the International Exchange Department led Dr. Kim on a tour of the campus. The elegant campus scenery and construction left a deep impression on him. Afterward, Vice-President Li met with Dr. Kim for talks. Drs. Kim and Gibson each introduced  Concordia University Irvine's seven year history of sponsoring and sending graduate students to well-known universities in China to teach, its development of international cooperation projects and opportunities for mainland Chinese students to participate in International Development research-projects during the holidays; they also expressed their desire to develop cooperation and exchange with Kunming University.

    Vice-President Li introduced Kunming University's programs of study, students and faculty, development situation, etc., and presented an in-depth description of Kunming University's existing international exchange and cooperation projects. Vice-President Li also described Kunming University's developmental model of increasing its overall level of education and globalization through international exchange and cooperation. Vice-President Li welcomed Concordia University Irvine's Asian Programs to develop exchange and cooperation with Kunming University. Both sides could exchange students and faculty, and open 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 cooperative programs of study. Concordia University Irvine could send high-quality graduate students to teach, and conduct regular performance checks on their teaching. Cooperative research projects could be implemented as well as discussion for further exchange and cooperation.