Vice-President Li Hosts Gao Fei, the Honorary Chairman of the Ming De Culture & Education Associatio

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On November 7, 2011, Vice-President Li Xiang hosted Gao Fei, the Honorary Chairman of the Ming De Culture & Education Association and Chairman of the Board of De Fu Trade Co. LLC. They conducted in-depth talks on: cooperatively developing Chinese-language teacher-training, establishing an association for the promotion of Yunnan-Myanmar culture, etc. At the conclusion of their meeting, both sides agreed to cooperatively promote the development of Chinese-language education abroad.

    Honorary Chairman of the Board of the Ming De Culture & Education Association, Gao Fei introduced the recent development of the association, some of its future goals, as well as some of the recent educational and cultural events in Myanmar along with related information on Sino-Myanmar cultural exchange. He expressed that hope that Chinese-language teacher training and education would be developed and promoted in Myanmar. He also shared some of the difficulties which were encountered in the development of these cultural events and invited Kunming University to cooperate in the establishment of an association for the promotion of Yunnan-Myanmar culture in order to better serve the specific needs of Sino-Myanmar cultural exchange.

    Vice-President Li listened carefully to the introduction by Chairman Gao Fei and affirmed the significance and excellence of his accomplishments for Sino-Myanmar cultural exchange, and went on to give some pertinent advice. At the same time, Vice-President Li expressed Kunming University's willingness to develop Chinese-language teacher-training. Such training falls under the directive from the national, provincial, and city governments to establish strategic channels and bridgeheads, and also takes advantage of Kunming's geographic position and affinity with neighboring countries, and would fulfill the responsibility Kunming University has to society as well as constituting a proactive contribution to the promotion of the Chinese language internationally.

    After their discussion, both sides agreed to make initial preparations as soon as possible for the Chinese-Language teacher-training project and the establishment of an association for the promotion of Yunnan-Myanmar culture. Vice-President Li delegated specific job assignments for these projects.

    These talks will greatly support Kunming University's application for the first Chinese-Language Education Base in Yunnan Province. Under direction from Kunming University's Party leadership, the International Exchange Department will conscientiously develop this project.