Dr. Wu Shaoqun from New Zealand's Waikato University Visits Kunming University

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On the afternoon of October 20, 2011, Dr. Wu Shaoqun from New Zealand's Waikato University visited Kunming University and was received and hosted by Vice-President Li Xiang.

    Last year the Dr. and his academic advisor were invited to Kunming University to give a lecture because of the Dr.'s years of experience in researching computer-assisted English education and developing related projects. The lectures were well received and afterward, through encouragement from the International Exchange Department, the Dr. and the College of Foreign Languages developed a related research project. The current talks between Vice-President Li and Dr. Wu were arranged by the International Exchange Department. Both parties concluded that based on the previous research project on computer-assisted English education, a suitable cooperative research project for the future is the development of computer-assisted Chinese education. After discussion, they decided to first draw up a cooperative framework to present to the leadership of their respective universities for approval.

    This is a specific example of the International Exchange Department following Vice-President Li's directive to: “Open many channels, to push university development” by establishing exchange and cooperation with a foreign university. The International Exchange Department is committed to actively promoting these kinds of projects, which will continue to push Kunming University toward a more globalized form of education.