Canadian English Training Expert Mr. Sharpe Holds a Meeting at Kunming University's Training Center

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On September 24, 2011, Vice-President Li Xiang hosted Mr. Sharpe, an English Training Expert from Canada. Faculty and leaders from the training center and the International Exchange Department met with Mr. Sharpe and confirmed his invitation to provide his services to the training center.

    In the afternoon, Mr. Sharpe toured the new campus, which left him deeply impressed. Afterward, Vice-President Li, Vice-Director Ha, and Headmaster Xiong had a meeting with Mr. Sharpe. They set a preliminary plan for Mr. Sharpe to provide training for Kunming City's Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary School Principals this October and November at Kunming University's Training Center. The topics to be addressed include “A Survey of Canada's Pre-K Education” and “A Survey of Canada's Elementary and Secondary Education” which will also include an introduction to the basics of Canada's education system, educational culture, etc. This training will greatly enhance the content and quality of the training center.