Vice-President Li Xiang Visits the College of Agriculture

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On September 7, 2011, Vice-President Li Xiang led the International Exchange Department on a visit to the the College of Agriculture in order to observe its development, especially in relation to developing international exchange, and proposed some guiding principles for this development.

On the afternoon of September 7, Mr. Huang, Dean of the School of Agriculture, submitted a detailed report concerning current and future international exchange projects. Mr. Li listened carefully to this report and learned about the current courses of study available through the College of Agriculture as well as the number of teachers and students, etc. Mr. Li gave full affirmation to the current international exchange projects and achievements with New Zealand, Holland, Japan, Myanmar and Thailand, and summarized these as the “Three 'Haves'.” These international exchanges have: significance, projects, and action. Regarding future work, Mr. Li and Party Secretary Wei Raoliang discussed how Kunming University is currently transitioning from building based on one's profession, to building based on one's own resources. They also expressed their hopes for the College of Agriculture in three points. First, the ideology must be clear. The College of Agriculture must value its current achievements and use them as a base for further cooperative projects. Secondly, the College must establish a greater understanding of international education and actively participate in international exchange projects. Thirdly, the College must make every effort to create a platform for international exchange projects, through improving both the “hardware” and “software” of the College, so that an atmosphere of expectancy and desire for international exchange and cooperation can be developed among both students and faculty.

After the meeting, the International Exchange Department faculty committed themselves to following the leadership and direction of Vice-President Li and pro-actively seeking to establish more and more international exchange projects, and assisting each college with their international projects. Dean Huang and Vice-Dean Yin both expressed the importance they are placing on establishing a platform for international exchange. Even as they continue to improve the College's professional development they plan to pro-actively develop themselves in order to strengthen the College of Agriculture's international exchange and cooperation work.